Senator Byrd: His Legacy vs. His Vision

Senator Robert Byrd passed away early this morning, just days after a study showing that coal is a money loser for his home state of West Virginia. The interests of the coal industry and the senator were intertwined for nearly all of Byrd’s 51 years in the Senate. He saw the heyday of coal production and cheap fuel; the mechanization of mining, and with it, the birth of mountain top removal.
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Stamping Out Dirty Fossil Fuels

After 9/11, Americans were forced to recognize the reality of global terrorism – a reality that other countries had been wrestling with for decades. The BP oil disaster, which President Obama has likened to an environmental 9/11, is forcing us to recognize another painful reality with global implications – the true cost of energy.
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Top Five Ways to Bring Accountability to Ocean Drilling

Trying to answer the troubling questions about how the BP Oil Disaster was allowed to happen keeps turning up the same catastrophic mixture of lies, mismanagement, corner cutting, and recklessness. It’s clear now that the oil companies know how to get oil from deep underwater, but have no idea how to prevent or stop a disaster with any reliability. How could we have given companies with such inherently destructive practices access to priceless public property, when they had no ability to care for it? Who let them do this?
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A Coal-Lump in the Sky

On the heels of President Obama’s renewed call for clean energy technologies in last night’s Oval Office speech, we’re particularly baffled by this piece in The Examiner detailing how the US Air Force is now testing a coal-based jet fuel.
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The Future of Big Oil

The deluge of oil in the BP Gulf disaster is matched only by the gush of stories it’s generated. Making sense of it all can be tough, but the occasional commentary makes the long-term picture clear. One of those was the analysis offered by Deborah Gordon and Dan Sperling in Sunday’s Washington Post, showing why oil companies aren’t ever going to be serious about the renewables that 92 percent of Americans want supported.
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BP Gulf Disaster – Our ‘Energy Pearl Harbor’?

The most compelling moment of the EnergyOcean 2010 Conference was surely Tuesday's keynote address by former George W. Bush energy adviser and 30-year oil industry investment veteran, Matt Simmons. He shared with the audience of several hundred people with his take on the BP oil spill and his predictions on what the end result will be.
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Energy by the Numbers

If you care about Scaling Green and growing clean tech industries, you want to be reading Solar Fred on a regular basis. In yesterday’s post, Fred encouraged his readers to “focus on envisioning what going solar really means from more of an emotional perspective.” Thanks to the horrific pictures and personalized maps coming out of the Gulf, it is easier than ever to bring an emotional perspective to alternative energies.
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A Day Of Contrasts

By Mike Casey

Energy Ocean 2010 Conference, Ft. Lauderdale – Our first blog at Scaling Green, and we start with a pretty big energy industry contrast. This small conference of early players in the nascent ocean energy business fits in just two hotel conference rooms, including the exhibition floor. Participants are as likely to be from academia and government than they are from private sector players, a big difference with other shows I’ve attended.
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