The Wind’s at the Back of Offshore Wind

Last week, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar launched his ‘Smart from the Start’ Atlantic OCS Offshore Wind Initiative, Its objective is to “speed up development of wind energy by searching the Atlantic Coast for the most desirable places to build windmills rather than wait...
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Have We Found the Real “Climategate” Scandal?

Despite overwhelming evidence that anthropogenic climate change is real, potentially catastrophic, and accelerating, the theft of the East Anglia emails a year ago was turned into “Climategate” by the dirty energy lobby.  This non-scandal was nothing but a bunch of hot air, perpetrated by “deniers,”...
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Great News from Massachusetts on Wind Power!

On October 12, I suggested one answer to the question: “How can solar and other renewables possibly push back against the fossil fuel industries, which have so many more resources to commit to the fight?” One way is focusing cleantech advocacy efforts on wearing down...
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