Five Energy Articles We’re Reading Today (4/25/11)

Here are five recommended reads for today (4/25/11).

  1. The Center for American Progress (CAP) issues its response to the U.S. Senate’s clean energy standard “white paper.” According to CAP, “The United States is at risk of being left in the dust in the clean energy race. But we can catch up. A Clean Energy Standard, or CES, which mandates that electric utilities generate a certain percentage of their power from clean energy sources, is an essential first step.”
  2. ABC News reports, “While many Americans are seething at gas prices, which have hit $5 per gallon in parts of the country, big oil companies are expected to report significant first quarter profits later this week.”
  3. According to Earth & Industry, “The Energy Technologies Institute has completed its third offshore wind energy project, has found that offshore wind energy costs could be cut 30% or more, and intends to build an innovative offshore wind demonstrator project this year.”
  4. The Hill has a good “fact check” on “the Washington rhetoric on oil, drilling and energy.” For instance, “Even a dramatic expansion of domestic oil and gas drilling will have little effect on oil and gas prices, as they are largely set on world markets.”
  5. CNN reports that even the oil industry doesn’t believe “drill baby drill” in the United States would lower gasoline prices.