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Five Energy Articles We’re Reading Today (6/30/11)

Posted By Lowell F. on June 30th, 2011

Here are five recommended reads for today (6/30/11)

  1. Renewable Energy World asks, “If Renewable Costs Are Down, Why the Financial Uncertainty?” One possible reason: “Manufacturers see an ongoing reduction in prices and a need to improve efficiency, but the price reductions hurt their profitability while developers capitalize on lower prices to get better penetration and earn better returns on invested capital.”
  2. Greentechmedia reports, “Just another day at the DOE Loan guarantee office — providing $4.5 billion to three massive solar farms. It will allow First Solar to supply approximately 20 million solar panels to the three projects from U.S. based manufacturing sites. That’s 20 million panels.”
  3. According to the Los Angeles Times Greenspace blog, “California officials will delay enforcement of the state’s complex carbon trading program until 2013… because of the ‘need for all necessary elements to be in place and fully functional.’”
  4. DeSmog Blog reports, “The Heartland Institute is convening a who’s-who of the global warming denial machine in Washington, DC over the next two days for the sixth International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC6).”
  5. According to, “The state Senate overwhelmingly passed legislation banning the use of hydraulic fracturing for natural gas exploration in New Jersey. The 33-1 vote came after Sen. Joseph Kyrillos (R-Monmouth) unsuccessfully asked for a five-year moratorium instead of an outright ban.”
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    New Jersey Senate Votes to Ban “Fracking”

    Posted By Lowell F. on June 30th, 2011

    Good news from New Jersey.

    Lawmakers in the New Jersey Senate voted 33-1 today to ban hydraulic fracturing (fracking), in a move to protect the Delaware River from potential contamination from the risky unconventional gas drilling practice. The Delaware River supplies drinking water for 15 million people in four states.


    New Jersey’s decision is a significant addition to the growing list of fracking bans throughout jurisdictions in the U.S. However, these bans also demonstrate the urgent need for federal agencies to rein in the gas industry, which in all other situations and states, enjoys relative impunity.

    Another example of a locality standing up to fracking is Pittsburgh, which last November banned the practice within city limits.  At the time, Council Member Douglas Shields stated the issue powerfully, asking, “Why is it that this industry is absolved from all culpability, all liability, all laws that are applying to the rest of us? That remains an excellent question today as well.

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    Five Energy Articles We’re Reading Today (6/29/11)

    Posted By Lowell F. on June 29th, 2011

    Here are five recommended reads for today (6/29/11)

    1. The New York Times reports, “Federal investigators said Wednesday that Massey Energy, the owner of the West Virginia mine where 29 people died in an explosion last year, misled government inspectors by keeping accounts of hazardous conditions out of official record books where inspectors would see them.”
    2. Nathanael Baker of Energy Boom reports, “The Governor of New York has signed a new law which promotes the adoption of low carbon energy and energy efficient technologies through all sectors of the economy.
    3. According to an article at Grist, “Germany wants to do for geothermal energy what it has done for wind, solar photovoltaics, and biogas by raising its payment for geothermally generated electricity in 2012.”
    4. A satire by The Onion News Network has “[p]anelists debate whether the U.S. is doing enough to heed the warnings of coal industry scientists who say turbines could blow the Earth right into the sun.”
    5. USA Today reports, “The solar power industry is facing a double threat from a Congress that may turn off the flow of federal subsidies and take a pass on mandating renewable-energy standards that would increase demand.”
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    Five Energy Articles We’re Reading Today (6/28/11)

    Posted By Lowell F. on June 28th, 2011

    Here are five recommended reads for today (6/28/11)

    1. writes about a new report by Frost & Sullivan on the world wind power market. According to the report, “the installed capability of wind turbine power generation globally will achieve a CAGR of 16.5% to attain 569,673 MW in 2017 from its present capacity of 193,621 MW.”
    2. Mother Jones investigates Exxon Mobil’s pledge to stop funding climate change deniers and finds that “the oil giant was still forking over cash to climate skeptics as recently as last year, to the tune of $76,000 for one scientist skeptical of humankind’s role in global warming.”
    3. DeSmog Blog reports: “Willie Soon, the notorious climate denier who has made a career out of attacking the IPCC and climate scientists, has received over $1 million in funding from Big Oil and coal industry sponsors over the past decade, according to a new report from Greenpeace.”
    4. According to USA Today, “A growing number of people are investing in small electricity generating wind turbines for residential use, despite the bad economy, and backers of wind power say they expect advances in technology and manufacturing to make them even more popular.”
    5. The U.S Energy Information Administration (EIA) responds to New York Times reporter, Ian Urbina, author of a recent article, “Insiders Sound an Alarm Amid a Natural Gas Rush.” According to EIA, “It is clear the data shows that shale gas has become a significant source of domestic natural gas supply.” EIA adds, “growth in shale gas production continues and…shale gas has exceeded 30% of total marketed natural gas production through May of this year.”
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    Five Energy Articles We’re Reading Today (6/27/11)

    Posted By Lowell F. on June 27th, 2011

    Here are five recommended reads for today (6/27/11).

    1. A New York Times report finds that natural gas “may not be as easy and cheap to extract from shale formations deep underground as the companies are saying, according to hundreds of industry e-mails and internal documents and an analysis of data from thousands of wells.”
    2. According to the Huffington Post, “A new coalition of outdoors groups is emerging as a potent force in the debate over natural gas drilling.”  The article explains, “The Sportsmen Alliance for Marcellus Conservation isn’t against the process of fracking for gas, but its members want to make sure the rush to cash in on the valuable resource doesn’t damage streams, forests, and the various creatures that call those places home.”
    3. Time Magazine has a story entitled, “Betting on Big Solar.”  One company making that bet is GE, which “can bring resources to bear on renewable energy that no other corporation can.”
    4. Media Matters asks, “So, the trade association of the oil and gas industry —  the American Petroleum Institute — raises a concern about their competitors, and the Post gives them a front page article?
    5. The Guardian reports, “Britain’s biggest array of solar panels has begun generating in Oxfordshire. The first large ground system to feed into the national grid will benefit from the tariff scheme paying a premium for supplying clean electricity.”
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