Five Energy Articles We’re Reading Today (8/29/11)

Here are five recommended reads for today (8/29/11)

  1. Stephen Lacey of Climate Progress writes, “With all the stories about China dominating the solar photovoltaics (PV) manufacturing sector, you might not think that America is a net exporter of solar products. But it is — to the tune of $1.8 billion. That’s a $1 billion increase over net exports documented in the solar sector last year.
  2. Bloomberg reports, “Photovoltaic and solar-thermal plants may meet most of the world’s demand for electricity by 2060 — and half of all energy needs — with wind, hydropower and biomass plants supplying much of the remaining generation, Cedric Philibert, senior analyst in the renewable energy division at the Paris-based [International Energy Agency], said in an Aug. 26 phone interview.”
  3. The Diane Rehm Show has a panel discussion on theGrowing concerns over fracking and the role of natural gas in the U.S. economy.”
  4. Greentechmedia examines the question, “How Did Wind Beat the Price of Natural Gas in Brazil?” The answer, in short: “clear competition, clear rules, clear regulation, clear benefits for enterprise and clear long-term profits.”
  5. Renewable Energy World has a piece entitled, “Lessons Learned: Italy’s Solar Rise and the Path Ahead.”  According to the article, “The sudden rise to become the world’s second largest solar market behind Germany has not come without some headaches and many lessons learned, and it has many countries with big solar ambitions watching intently. But, ultimately, Italy has been a success story even though its growth has coincided with deep economic troubles that continue to grip the nation.”