Five Energy Articles We’re Reading Today (10/28/11)

Here are five recommended reads for today (10/28/11)

  1. Brendan DeMelle of DeSmogBlog writes: “The natural gas industry’s favorite public relations ploy about the necessity ofhydraulic fracturing (fracking), the process through which “clean natural gas” is now procured, is that the patriotic gas industry is championing the shale gas boom fordomestic consumption and for “national security purposes.” We now know definitively that this is pure propaganda. Enter the smoking gun, a 20-year $8 billion agreement signed between BGGroup, short for British Gas Group, and Houston-based Cheniere Energy.”
  2. Stephen Lacey of Climate Progress reports, “Speaking at a town hall meeting last weekend in his home state of Florida, [Congressman Cliff] Stearns displayed a very sketchy grasp on how subsidies should work, explaining to Climate Progress that incentives should be given to mature companies, not early-stage companies.”
  3. According to the Los Angeles Times, “The Obama administration on Thursday unveiled its road map for solar energy development, directing large-scale industrial projects to 285,000 acres of desert land in the western U.S. while opening 20 million acres of the Mojave for new development.”
  4. Reuters reports, “The European Commission’s plans to class fuel from oil sands, including Canada’s, as highly polluting are based on science and it will proceed with talks with EU member states to implement the measure, its climate commissioner said on Thursday.”
  5. According to Renewable Energy World, “For the second time this month, an international energy giant has jumped full throttle into renewable energy. A couple of weeks back, it was American-based General Electric that shook things upwith its announcement that it would build a solar thin-film manufacturing facility in Colorado. And this week it was Germany-based Siemens that has been heralded for its decision to enter the geothermal market with its new 60-megawatt steam turbine. The company made the announcement at the Geothermal Energy Association expo in San Diego.”