Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (12/15/11)

Here are five recommended reads for today (12/15/11)

  1. According to a story at Climate Progress, “The oil industry as a whole has spent at least fifty (50x) times in producing more dirtier fuels sources such as tar sands than their entire global investments in producing renewable fuels.”
  2. Reuters reports, “China has further revised up its solar power development target for 2015 by 50 percent from its previous plan, state media reported on Thursday. The government has set a target for installed solar power generating capacity to reach 15 gigawatts by 2015 and wind power capacity to hit 100 GW, China National Radio reported, citing an announcement from the National Energy Administration.”
  3. According to Business Green, “Despite a high-profile media campaign criticising wind farms and attacking the cost of renewable energy technologies, 56 per cent of people want to see more wind energy capacity in the UK and 74 per cent think solar energy capacity should be increased.” In constrast, “just 19 per cent of respondents want wind power to be scaled back, and just 12 per cent think the rollout of solar panels should be blocked.”
  4. National Public Radio asks, “Just How Many Jobs Would The Keystone Pipeline Create?” The answer: the high numbers you often hear were developed by TransCanada Corporation, the company behind the pipeline project! In reality, “A recent State Department study said the construction workforce would be 5,000 to 6,000 workers. And once the construction phase ends, almost all of these jobs, however many are created, would go away.”
  5. The Los Angeles Times reports, “Solar power is a booming business in the U.S., with more domestic solar installations completed in the third quarter of this year than during all of 2009, according to a report released Wednesday by GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries Assn.”