Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (1/3/12)

Here are five recommended reads for today (1/3/12)

  1. Reuters reports, “Nigerian villagers say oil washing up on the coast comes from a Royal Dutch Shell loading accident last month that caused the biggest spill in Africa’s top producer in more than 13 years.”
  2. The New York Times editorializes: “The country obviously needs more jobs. Mr. Obama needs to lay out the case that industry, with government help, can create hundreds of thousands of clean energy jobs without incurring environmental risks — by upgrading old power plants to comply with environmental laws, retrofitting commercial and residential buildings that soak up nearly 40 percent of the country’s energy (and produce nearly 40 percent of its carbon emissions) and promoting growth in new industries like wind and solar power and advanced vehicles.”
  3. According to Climate Progress, “ a group of 50 New Hampshire scientists just sent an open, non-partisan letter to ‘all candidates,” including presidential hopefuls, encouraging them “to acknowledge the overwhelming balance of evidence for the underlying causes of climate change.’”
  4. The Associated Press reports, “A northeast Ohio well used to dispose of wastewater from oil and gas drilling almost certainly caused a series of 11 minor quakes in the Youngstown area since last spring, a seismologist investigating the quakes said Monday.”
  5. According to the Wall Street Journal, “The pace of approvals for solar and wind projects in the U.S. is picking up under the Obama administration,” as the “Interior Department says it has now pushed through 27 renewable-energy projects totaling 6,500 megawatts since 2009, compared with about 1,800 megawatts in all prior years, the result of more staff working on a fast-tracked permitting process.”