There Are Far Better Candidates for Solitary Confinement than Tim DeChristopher!

This is Alice in Wonderland time. That's right: the guy who stood up for saving taxpayers money gets thrown in jail - now in solitary - while a bunch of oil-funded clowns in Congress stand in the way of cutting wasteful welfare checks to oil companies, yet are living it up on Capitol Hill. Personally, I think there are far better candidates for jail time than Tim DeChristopher!

Media Matters: “Stu Varney Hated Oil Subsidies Before He Loved Them”

According to Fox News commentator Stuart Varney, oil tax breaks were subsidies less than a year ago, but somehow in the past 300+ days they're not subsidies anymore. What changed since then, other than higher gasoline prices due to a recovering world economy and tension in the Middle East? Maybe someone should ask Stuart Varney, because we're stumped.

MIT Study on “Future of the Electric Grid” Highly Problematic

A recent study by MIT, entitled "The Future of the Electric Grid," finds that "integrating more renewables into the US grid will be costly and have unintended consequences, including potential for increased carbon emissions." We find that this study is highly problematic, for a number of important reasons.

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