There Are Far Better Candidates for Solitary Confinement than Tim DeChristopher!

This is Alice in Wonderland time. That's right: the guy who stood up for saving taxpayers money gets thrown in jail - now in solitary - while a bunch of oil-funded clowns in Congress stand in the way of cutting wasteful welfare checks to oil companies, yet are living it up on Capitol Hill. Personally, I think there are far better candidates for jail time than Tim DeChristopher!
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Media Matters: “Stu Varney Hated Oil Subsidies Before He Loved Them”

According to Fox News commentator Stuart Varney, oil tax breaks were subsidies less than a year ago, but somehow in the past 300+ days they're not subsidies anymore. What changed since then, other than higher gasoline prices due to a recovering world economy and tension in the Middle East? Maybe someone should ask Stuart Varney, because we're stumped.
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The New Kid at Powering the People 2.0

Last week I attended the Edison Foundation’s Powering the People 2.0 conference to see AREVA Solar’s Bill Conlon speak about energy innovation. While I was there to listen in about solar energy’s benefits for electric utilities, I couldn’t help but notice a lack of solar in general.
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