Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (3/13/12)

Here are five recommended reads for today (3/13/12)

  1. Greentechmedia reports: “Global economic turmoil and solar company bankruptcies be damned — economies of scale and falling prices are keeping green energy growing. That’s according to research firm Clean Edge, which reported Tuesday that global revenue for solar PV, wind power and biofuels rose 31 percent to reach $246 billion in 2011.”
  2. According to the New York Times Green blog, “A California company has unveiled a radical new way to make the silicon wafers that are the basic ingredient of most solar cells, cutting silicon consumption by 90 percent and eliminating the need to use glass and heavy backing to keep the cells rigid.
  3. Chris Mooney of DeSmogBlog writes that “Fox has become a veritable misinformation machine on [climate science],” in part “through constantly putting climate ‘skeptics’ on the air.”
  4. Energy Boom reports: “Vestas Wind Systems, the world’s largest turbine manufacturer, received a massive supply order today from Mexico. The Danish outfit will supply the Mareña Renovables project with 132 V90-3.0 MW wind turbines, which, collectively, will generate 396 MW of wind power.  The contract also calls for Vestas to install the turbines and provide service and maintenance for a 10-year period.”
  5. According to Renewable Energy World, “[Enhanced geothermal systems] technology significantly broadens U.S. geothermal potential to a whopping 2,980,295 MW…This represents a near 40-fold increase compared to traditional geothermal technology potential because EGS taps into heat located under the Earth’s crust that was previously unreachable – it can create power anywhere there is rock that is more than 150 degrees Celsius.”