Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (3/5/12)

Here are five recommended reads for today (3/5/12)

  1. According to Time Magazine’s Ecocentric blog: “Researchers from McGill University and Concordia University in Canada studied historical weather data in the country going back to the 1950s…Extrapolating into the future, they estimated that outdoor hockey soon go extinct in warmer parts of the country like British Columbia and southern Alberta.”
  2. The Wall Street Journal reports, “Japan may become a bright spot for the solar industry due to regulatory changes and its nuclear power crisis, which equipment makers from home and abroad hope will help offset a profit outlook clouded by oversupply, falling prices and shrinking demand elsewhere.”
  3. Lee Fang of the Republic Report lists “Seven Ways Koch Industries Is Monetizing The Fracking Business.”
  4. Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune argues in the Baltimore Sun that we should not export natural gas, but that instead, “the only safe, smart and responsible way to address our nation’s energy needs is to look beyond dirty energy and focus on clean sources like wind, solar and geothermal, as well as energy efficiency.”
  5. Climate Progress reports: “Scaling up energy efficiency retrofits around the U.S. could save an estimated $1 trillion over the next 10 years while creating 3.3 million job years for a wide range of skilled workers, according to study released this week from Deutsche Bank and the Rockefeller Foundation.”