Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (4/24/12)

Here are five recommended reads for today (4/24/12)

  1. Greentechmedia has a “US Geothermal Energy State of the Union, 2011-2012,” in which it asks, “Why isn’t geothermal a bigger piece of the U.S. energy mix?” Part of the answer is that “those resources don’t get exploited without financing and a clear energy policy to make sure the financing remains in place.”
  2. Renewable Energy World reports that Iceland “is trying to reel foreign industry on to its shores to prop up an economy still recovering from the 2008 banking collapse. For bait, it is dangling what no other country in the world can — 100 percent renewable electricity.”
  3. According to Clean Technica: “Vestas, one of the world’s leading wind turbine companies, has reached a major milestone this year. 50 GW of its wind turbines, over 46,000 of them, have been installed around the world. That’s about 1/5 of global wind power capacity and would be enough to power 19 million European homes.”
  4. Bloomberg reports, “Demand for solar panels in Germany, the world’s largest market for the equipment, may hold up until the third quarter, according to the biggest builder of sun- powered plants.”
  5. According to the BBC, “The renewable energy industry supports 110,000 jobs in the UK and could support 400,000 by 2020.” In addition, “The Renewable Energy Association (REA) and consultants Innovas conclude that the industry is worth £12.5bn per year to the UK economy.”