Terry McAuliffe on “The cost of an incoherent energy policy”

Terry McAuliffe, a cleantech leader ("founder and chairman of GreenTech Automotive and a partner with Franklin Pellets") in addition to his political activities, has written a strong op-ed in support of clean energy and a "coherent national energy policy." Here's an excerpt that focuses on McAuliffe's state of Virginia, but could apply just about anywhere.
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Natural Gas “Fracker” Evaluates Own Operations For Important EPA Study, Concludes that All Is Well

The question is whether the public interest is best served in this way --allowing a major natural gas company, one with a strong vested interest in the results, to collect and test water pollution most likely caused by its own operations, for use in a potentially decisive EPA study regarding future regulation of that company's own industry? It certainly raises caution flags for us.
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Grist: Clean Energy “Inexpensive, reliable, and inexhaustible”

The other day, we wrote about a new study by Synapse Energy Economics, Inc., which found that cranking up wind power transmission capacity in the Midwest would save customers billions of dollars a year. We thought this was an intriguing study, and apparently so did others. For instance, over at Grist, Bill White, who manages the National Clean Energy Transmission Initiative for the Energy Future Coalition, gives us his take:
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