Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (5/10/12)

Here are five recommended reads for today (5/10/12)

  1. The New York Times reports: “Installers, often working through big-box chains like Home Depot or Lowe’s, are taking advantage of hefty tax breaks, creative financing techniques and a glut of cheap, Chinese-made panels to make solar power accessible to the mass market for the first time. The number of residential and commercial installations more than doubled over the last two years to 213,957, according to Greentech Media, a research firm.”
  2. According to Wind Power Monthly, “Despite struggling under increasingly onerous regulations, the French wind industry is optimistic about its prospects following the election of socialist president François Hollande.”
  3. CleanTechnica reports: “Brazil’s Estadio do Maracana seats over 82,000 and has hosted a FIFA World Cup where nearly 200,000 attended. The stadium will host the 2014 FIFA World Cup final as well. Seating capacity for the 2014 FIFA events should be 85,000. Besides soccer matches, it has been the site of many other events, such as concerts and the 2007 Pan American games. Soon it will also be known for generating solar power.”
  4. Eric Wesoff of Greentechsolar asks whether the “’emerging market’ rallying cry” is “a mirage or another savior for solar?” The answer, in part, is that while “Europe will lose its significance…there is still good news: there are ten one-gigawatt markets.”
  5. DeSmogBlog reports: “In typically grand fashion, satirical news source The Onion has skewered the rise of misleading PR bankrolled by the oil and gas industry to defend the dangerous practice of fracking. Although the piece is not ‘real’ news, anyone could be forgiven for taking it as fact since it isn’t far fetched at all.”