InsideClimate News: “New Pipeline Safety Regulations Won’t Apply to Keystone XL”

Read the entire article by Inside Climate News here. They've been doing great work the past few weeks on how lack of regulation and other bad practices make pipelines carrying heavy crude oil, like tarsands from western Canada, such a risk to human health, to the environment (e.g, rivers, streams, lakes), and to the local economies that depend on that environment for their livelihood.
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Michael Grunwald: Solyndra’s Demise Was “a shame…not a scandal”

At Time's "Swampland" blog, Michael Grunwald has a superb article entitled, "Why on Earth Would the Obama Campaign Call Solyndra ‘Successful and Innovative’? Because It Was," in which he shreds, dismantles, deconstructs, and otherwise demolishes the "cauldron of stupidity" (his words) that sums up not just "the entire Solyndra pseudo-scandal," but also the brain-dead attacks by Darrell Issa, Mitt Romney, and other dirty energy industry puppets.
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