Video: Elon Musk Says “Unless we solve the sustainable energy problem…we will face massive economic collapse.”

The National Clean Energy Summit was held yesterday in Las Vegas, with an extremely impressive list of speakers, including former President Bill Clinton, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, former ARPA-E Director Dr. Arun Majumdar, Peter Fox-Penner of the Brattle Group, “Revenge of the Electric Car” director Chris Paine, and numerous others. We wanted to highlight just a few of these impressive clean energy leaders, innovators, policymakers and thinkers here on Scaling Green. Appearing in the video above, for instance, is Elon Musk of Tesla Motors, who among other things founded SpaceX, co-founded PayPal, and “created the first viable electric car of the modern era, the Tesla Roadster.”

Here, Musk discusses the crucial importance of sustainable energy. According to Musk, “unless we solve the sustainable energy problem this century, we will face massive economic collapse, not to mention substantial environmental damage that’s going to affect hundreds of millions if not billions of people in a terrible way.” “Obviously,” Musk adds, “we must have sustainable energy, because…otherwise we have unsustainable energy and we’re screwed.” No argument from us!