Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (11/30/12)

Here are five recommended reads for today (11/30/12).

  1. According to CleanTechnica, “China’s wind industry is forecast to reach 150 gigawatts (GW) of installed capacity by 2015 — shattering the central government’s goal of 100 GW by 2015.”
  2. The Denver Post reports, “Even though the costs of solar panels and inverters, the two key pieces of hardware, were higher in Germany than the U.S., the costs of everything else create an almost 50 percent increase in the price of a 5.1 kilowatt, residential rooftop array, according to the NREL analysis.”
  3. Forbes writes that “ARPA-E Bets $130 Million On Cutting-Edge Green Tech.”
  4. According to Mother Jones, “BP’s Dispersant Allowed Oil To Penetrate Beaches More Deeply.”
  5. PV Tech reports, “China’s CSP capacity could increase to 3GW by 2015, although more conservative estimates predict it will only grow to 1GW, according to a paper by the Chinese Academy of Sciences.”