Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (12/19/12)

Here are five recommended reads for today (12/19/12).

  1. Renewable Energy World has a look back at solar energy in 2012 – “a big year for solar, both domestically and globally, with some unlikely players throwing their hats into the ring and upping the ante on achievable power generating capacity.”
  2. Greentechmedia writes that “Water has always been linked to energy, but the bond between the two is becoming increasingly important.”
  3. Reuters reports, “Britain set out a 5-year plan on Tuesday to unlock the solar and biomass investment needed to achieve the country’s 2020 green energy targets.”
  4. Franz Matzner of NRDC asks “What Does $8 Billion in Oil Subsidies Buy?”  Among other things, NRDC says we get $50 billion in annual health costs from pollution and $515 million in annual property damage from oil spills.
  5. The Washington Post reports, “German utilities say this year’s share of renewable energies in the country’s electricity production is forecast to rise some 15 percent on the year, largely on the back of a continuing solar-power boom.”