Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (12/20/12)

Here are five recommended reads for today (12/20/12).

  1. Kate Sheppard of Mother Jones writes: “Can college students reshape energy politics in the US by reforming their colleges’ endowments? That’s the hope of idealistic students at 189 different campuses across the country who have launched campaigns to encourage their school administrators and trustees to dump all their investments in fossil fuels.”
  2. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration: “Many wind projects are planning to come on line before the end of 2012, in advance of the possible expiration of a federal incentive, the wind production tax credit (PTC). It appears that wind developers are pushing to complete projects in 2012 to qualify for the PTC.”
  3. Renewable Energy World reviews the year in geothermal power, including “success, expansion, and familiar frustration.”
  4. According to CleanTechnica, “The East Anglia Offshore Wind (EAOW) could become the world’s largest offshore wind farm, if the plans which were recently submitted are approved and construction is completed.”
  5. Greentechsolar reports: “The red tape of solar permitting can constitute a bigger part of the price of installing a rooftop solar system than the hardware itself. But it gets worse. Bureaucratic complexities can prevent people who want and can afford solar from getting a solar system.”