Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (12/21/12)

Here are five recommended reads for today (12/21/12).

  1. Inside Climate News writes: “It wasn’t easy being green in 2012. But record growth in the clean economy was the reality behind this year’s negative headlines and political backlash.”
  2. According to Forbes: “it appears that Desertec’s organizational setbacks are having little effect on the health and stability of North Africa’s green energy sector. Instead, reports show that investment has continued to pour in, shifting the focus in the eyes of some to where new energy development belongs – at home.”
  3. KCET’s ReWire reports that California set a record for winter solar power generation, meaning that “California’s solar power generating capacity is growing by leaps and bounds even since that August record.”
  4. Greentechenterprise lists the top 10 LED lighting developments of 2012.
  5. According to Treehugger, “World to Burn 1.2 Billion More Tons of Coal Per Year by 2017 (If We Don’t Wake Up).”