Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (12/28/12)

Here are five recommended reads for today (12/28/12).

  1. The Guardian lists “the top green energy stories of the year.”
  2. According to BuzzFeed Politics, “President Obama’s chief environmental official departed in part over her opposition to a controversial plan to pipe oil from Canadian tar sands to Texas refineries…”
  3. The New York Times reports, “All over the country, developers are in a sprint to get new wind farms up and running before Tuesday, when the federal wind production tax credit will disappear like Cinderella’s ball gown.”
  4. PV Magazine looks at “The 2012 solar year in review and what lies ahead in 2013.”
  5. Clean Edge is out with its “11th annual edition in Clean Edge’s Clean Energy Trends report series.” It finds, among other things, that, “At nearly a quarter of total VC activity in the U.S., the clean-tech sector has expanded more rapidly than any other venture category, up from just 1.2 percent of total venture activity a decade earlier.”