Canada’s Ambassador Whines that Media Coverage of Keystone Pipeline Has Been “lousy”

The Hill reports:

Gary Doer, Canada’s ambassador to the U.S., believes the press is doing a lousy job covering the proposed Keystone XL oil sands pipeline that Canadian officials are urging the Obama administration to approve.

Twenty people protesting do get more attention in the media than the 65 percent of Americans that prefer to get their oil from Canada rather than Venezuela or the Middle East,” Doer said in an interview broadcast Sunday on Platts Energy Week TV.

Well, Ambassador Doer is right about one thing: the media coverage has been of poor quality on the Keystone XL pipeline issue. But we’re confident he wouldn’t agree with us as to why.  Far from the media painting an unfairly negative picture of the proposed Keystone project, in reality the problem’s been coverage that has been far too positive and far too credulous.

Thus, almost nobody in the media has called “b.s.” on TransCanada’s absurd job creation claims. For the real story on that front, see the Cornell University study which found that Keystone “may actually destroy more jobs than it generates.” Nor has the media, with a few exceptions, exposed the gross influence peddling – lobbying, advertising, etc. – aimed at ramming this boondoggle through. Yesterday, between 35,000 and 50,000 people  – a lot more than the “twenty people” Ambassador Doer points to – raised their voices in Washington, DC to let the leaders of the United States and Canada know exactly what they should do with this pipeline. Kill it.