Five Energy Stories Worth Reading Today (5/21/13)

Here are five recommended reads for today (5/21/13).

  1. NBC reports, ‘Fracking boom triggers water battle in North Dakota.”
  2. ClimateProgress lists “7 Very Wrong Things About Climate Science And Energy In House Science Chair Lamar Smith’s WashPost Op-Ed.”
  3. According to DeSmogBlog, “New Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) replies have exposed more misdeeds by Professor Edward Wegman and Yasmin Said at George Mason University (GMU),  closely involved with the Kochs, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and many others known for attacks on climate science.”
  4. Greentech Media reports, “Energy efficiency proponents rejoiced last month when Senators Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) and Rob Portman (R-OH) reintroduced a sweeping bill that would provide incentives, technical assistance and new standards for energy efficiency in the private and public sectors…However, a proposed amendment is dampening enthusiasm for the bill over at the U.S. Green Buildings Council (USGBC), the organization responsible for the popular LEED rating system for green buildings.”
  5. An opinion piece in the Arizona Capital Times argues: “When studies show that for every $1 spent, clean energy creates three times more jobs than fossil fuels, what’s wrong with looking into alternative investments? Clean energy can increase the number of available jobs and address environmental and health issues people are concerned about. We know that coal fuel and compliance costs are going to continue to increase as time goes on, so why invest in technologies that only increase the cost of electricity? Why restrict the Navajo economy when diversifying the energy mix at NGS by adding wind, solar PV or solar CSP could create 3,000 new jobs?”