Recent Polling Shows Overwhelming Support for Clean Energy

We’ve known for a long time that Americans strongly support clean energy, but every so often it’s good to see brand-new polling that reaffirms this finding. Two recent polls in particular jumped out at us, one produced for Clean Edge and SolarCity, the other by Gallup. Here are a few key findings.

  • According to the Clean Edge/SolarCity polling, Americans by a 61%-24% margin are opposed to electric utilities “being able to charge an additional fee for solar powered homes and businesses.”
  • By an enormous 78%-9% margin, Americans believe it is important for the U.S. “to be a global leader in developing and deploying solar energy systems.” And by a nearly unanimous 87%-7% margin, Americans said that renewable energy is important to America’s future.
  • By a 74%-12% margin, U.S. homeowners “back the continuation of federal tax incentives that support the growth of solar and wind.”
  • The Clean Edge/SolarCity polling finds that support for natural gas declines with age: 43% of those over 70, compared to just 33% of those between 35 and 54, and just 27% of those in the 18-24 age range.
  • Asked which energy sources people think are “most important to America’s energy future,” solar power came out on top (50% of homeowners agreed), with wind power second (42%), and energy efficiency (25) also in the top four.  Near the bottom of the list, in constrast were coal (8%) and oil (17%).
  • Gallup’s polling also found overwhelming support for clean energy, with Americans wanting more emphasis on solar power (79%-9%) and wind power (70%-14%). That support is across the political spectrum, by the way, with Republicans wanting more emphasis on solar power (70%) and wind (63%).