Converging Vectors Drive Accelerating Clean Energy Industry Growth

By Lowell Feld, Guest Columnist Now is an exciting time to be in the clean energy space, with several powerful vectors – technology advances; rapidly dropping costs; continued fossil fuel price volatility; environmental imperatives, such as climate disruption and water shortages; and the resulting national...

New Poll: Likely 2016 Voters Want Shift to Solar, Wind; Away from Coal, Oil

likely 2016 voters want the federal government to rely more on solar power by a 71-point margin (80%-9%), and to rely more on wind power by a 59-point margin (73%-14%). In stark contrast, those same likely voters want the federal government to rely less on coal by a 34-point margin (55%-21%) and less on oil by a 29-points margin (53%-24%). You can't much clearer than that.

Details of New York State Study Demonstrate Why Fracking’s Too Risky to Be Allowed

In sum, we know that natural gas fracking is harmful and dangerous in a variety of ways, we're just not sure exactly how harmful it is. Meanwhile, we know that clean energy - solar, wind, energy efficiency, etc. - is safe and economical. Which is why the argument that we should stick with natural gas (as "bridge fuel" or whatever), while shortchanging clean energy, makes no sense whatsoever.

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