Converging Vectors Drive Accelerating Clean Energy Industry Growth

By Lowell Feld, Guest Columnist Now is an exciting time to be in the clean energy space, with several powerful vectors – technology advances; rapidly dropping costs; continued fossil fuel price volatility; environmental imperatives, such as climate disruption and water shortages; and the resulting national...

David Roberts of Vox: President Obama “willing to support policies that boost supply of clean energy; but he is not willing to constrict the supply of fossil fuel energy”

A recent piece by Roberts, "Obama opens thousands more acres of public land to coal mining," is a case in point, as Roberts analyzes the fundamental, underlying contradictions between: a) supporting clean energy scaling and understanding the imperative to deal with climate change on the one hand; and b) continuing to encourage fossil fuel production and exports on the other.

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Reports of 37,000 text messages – Checks & Balances Project’s Scott Peterson raises questions about public accountability and cozy links between energy utility and regulators in Arizona By Mike Casey, President of Tigercomm The Arizona utility, APS (Arizona Public Service), and people in Arizona State...

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