New BNEF Outlook Far More Bullish on Clean Energy Growth Through 2040 than EIA

In sum, the future looks extremely bright for clean energy, and for cleantech more broadly. The question isn't whether these sectors will grow rapidly, but simply how rapidly they'll grow. On that, we'd argue that EIA is far too conservative (or pessimistic, if you prefer), while BNEF is quite possibly too conservative as well, although they appear to be much closer to the mark than EIA's typically bearish-on-renewables, bullish-on-fossil-fuels forecasts.
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Vestas’ Chris Brown to Wind Power Industry: Don’t Be Distracted By Fear; Next Five Years Will Be Best Five Years of Your Life”

See below for video of Chris Brown of Vestas, keynoting the opening session on day two of WINDPOWER 2017, concluding today in Anaheim, CA. According to Brown, who is completing his tenure as Chair of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), the next five years will be the "best five years of your life" for the wind power industry.
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The New Energy Equation

In energy markets across the country, from Texas to California to New Jersey and states like Iowa in between – electricity generated from renewables is cheaper than fossil fuel generation. It’s become a talking point for clean energy and climate change advocates. It’s also become a selling point for businesses looking to identify markets where its easiest and most beneficial to heavily invest in renewable
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